Concurrent transactions for you to buy and sell the same amount of foreign currency (02 currencies only), with two different payment dates and the exchange rates of the two transactions are determined at the contract date.

Customer needs:

  • Effective management of cash flow and maximization of the current available foreign currencies;
  • Ability to use the foreign currencies that are available in the future;
  • Opportunities to earn profit from interest rate difference between two currencies;
  • Control of fluctuation risks in foreign exchange rate which might affect future profit and expenditure.

Our solutions:

Currency swap (SWAP):

  • The FX rates: SWAP transaction include 2 exchange rates specified at the time of contract signing.
  • Terms of payment is flexible, according to customer needs.
    • Swap between VND and other foreign currencies: from 3 to 365 days from transaction date.
    • Swap between 2 foreign currencies: as per agreement between VietinBank and Customers.