Current account services
Your accounts opened with VietinBank will be managed safely, precisely and securely while earning attractive interest rates.

• Individuals who are citizens of Viet Nam who have legal capability and civil action capacity; foreigners who have legal capability and civil action capacity in accordance with the law of their nations.
• For individuals who are not old enough to have legal rights and responsibilities by law, lacking civil action capacity, or limited of such ability as regulated by the law: All procedures related to account opening and use must be done by supervisors and legal representatives.

• Money in the account is managed safely, precisely and securely by Vietinbank.
• Time is saved thanks to no counting of money, no risk of fake notes.
• Easy account opening procedure, simple transaction method, competent bank staff.
• No fee for opening accounts.
• Attractive interest rates.
• Account payments could be made quickly and safely through all cities and provinces via modern payment channels with a network of more than 150 transaction agents, branches and over 800 transaction offices/ saving funds nationwide.
• Customers can use the account as mortgages, guarantee for loans at VietinBank.
• Customers can deposit/withdraw the accounts either with cash or by transfer when using check, wire transferring, secured check, payment authorization, collection authorization, etc.
• Customers can transfer funds from current accounts to savings accounts and vice versa.
• Other support services and other facilities for customers are available.

Note: the opening and use of VND and foreign currency deposit accounts of non-residential and residential people must follow the State’s current regulations on foreign exchange management. The minimum balance of individual accounts is 100,000VND for VND deposit accounts and 30 USD for foreign currency deposit accounts.

Customers could bring National ID card/ Military Certificate/ Certificate of Security Personnel or Passport (still in effect) to branches/transaction offices of VietinBank throughout the country to obtain guidance on the procedures to open an account.