Products and services for corporate banking

VietinBank provides modern financial products and services according to international standards. We are committed to bring customers comprehensive financial solutions with professionalism and efficiency, meeting your diversified needs.


VietinBank provides diverse deposits and account management products to help your Corporate to manage cash flows efficiently, meeting its payment and investment requirements in the trading and production activities.


VietinBank provides diverse and flexible financial solutions, meeting the capital needs of your Corporate quickly and effectively.

Payment and Cash management

VietinBank provides diverse transaction channels that optimize your Corporate payment and cash management requirements.

International payment & Trade finance

VietinBank provides you with a wide range of modern financial products and services, facilitating the needs in payment, pre-financing and guarantee as a international trading Corporate.

Foreign Exchange & Derivatives

VietinBank provides diverse, timely and responsive services and products as well as facilitates you to pro-actively control the foreign currency risks of your Corporate.


This modern transaction channel allows you to conduct your Corporate financial transactions and account management at anytime and anywhere.

Card services

With the attractive offers and diverse utilities, VietinBank proudly supplies your Corporate with the most optimal card payment solutions.

Life Insurance

VietinBank brings the best and most optimal insurance solutions for the employees of your Corporate.