Interest rate swap

Transactions in which the parties commit to make periodic payment to the other party the amount of interest calculated at a floating or fixed rate in the same currency on the basis of a certain notional principal.

Customer needs:

  • Restructuring of cash flows and balance of liability assets;
  • Ability to identify the required budget, hence can build up a financial plan and be proactive in business;
  • Control fluctuation interest risk for each amount of liability.

Our solutions:

Interest rate swap (IRS):

  • No swap on the actual principal amount (Principle amount is the basis to determine the interest payment amount);
  • Use many swap options (floating -> fixing, fixing -> floating);
  • The principal amount is tailored to suit with principal amount flow (reducing swap interest rate);
  • Interest rates are referenced with different indexes used in the currency markets (Libor, Euribor...).