VietinBank provides diverse deposits and account management products to help your Corporate to manage cash flows efficiently, meeting its payment and investment requirements in the trading and production activities.

Current account

This product allows your Corporate to deposit or withdraw cash, apply payment/transaction services with local or foreign partners.

Custody deposit

VietinBank confirms the deposit amount at VietinBank to help your Corporate in process of obtaining/ re-newing their certificate/business certifications.

Overdraft deposit

This product allows your Corporate to overdraw the deposit account for its transactions while still earning interests on the termed deposit amount.

Auto-investment term deposit

VietinBank will periodically transfer the balance from your Corporate’ current account to its term deposit account.

Multi-purpose investment term deposit

This product allows your Corporate to pro-actively withdraw one or more deposits within nominated terms with corresponding attractive interest rates.

Flexible investment term deposit

This product allow your corporate to can negotiate appropriate interest rates and terms that are suitable to your plans of capital use.