Investment banking

VietinBank provides a variety of investment banking services to help customers to diversify capital mobilization sources, to financial restructure, and to improve their competitiveness ... serving the goal of obtaining fast and sustainable growth for Corporates.

Bonds issuance advisory

VietinBank supports Corporates to mobilize capital for the mid- term and long-term expansion of the production and business activities, for new project investment and for financial re-structuring.

Initial public offerings advisory services

Help customers to access to public capital mobilization channel on stock markets, to increase the transparency in production and business activities, and to improve their operation capacities and competitiveness..

Equalization advisory services

Help customers to transform into joint stock company model to leverage its potential in mobilizing capital.

Securities listing advisory

Help customers to be listed on a centralized Stock Exchange market to increase the liquidity of the Corporates.

Corporate valuation services

Consultation for Corporates during the corporate valuation process using methods such as cash flow discounting, price index and asset valuation.

Mergers and acquisitions services

Mergers and acquisitions help companies to diversify businesses, to concentrate resources, to increase market share, to mitigate risk and to Improve the competitiveness of the Corporates.