VietinBank iPay is a new version of Vietinbank’s Internet Banking service introduced as a replacement for the Bank’s 2005 Internet Banking application.

The Service is tailored for Customers to enquire their accounts as well as to do account transactions via the Internet connections without a need to visit the Bank’s office.  

The Services iPay is provided to Customers who have maintained an E-Partner ATM card account or current account with VietinBank.
VietinBank iPay offers three main categories of services:
  • Information Inquiry
    • Bank information inquiry: exchange rate, interest rate, ATM/POS locations;
    • Account inquiry: account balance, transaction history, transaction details, etc.
  • Financial Transactions
    • Transfers of money between E-partner ATM card accounts and current accounts for maximum limit of VND 30.000.000 per day;
    • Online savings: Transfers of money from an E-partner ATM card account to a term savings account for better rates of interest as provided by Vietinbank;
    • Repayments of ordinary loans and credit cards.
  • Online Loan Application (free of charge)
    • This feature is for customers being corporate staffs who seek for a consumer loan for which repayments will be sourced from their monthly salary. Customers can submit their loan applications and receive feedbacks via the Internet within 24 hours.
  • Transactions with ease, at anytime, anywhere. No visits to the Bank’s offices needed.
  • Easy monitoring of transactions and account management.
  • Transactions are protected by two layers of security using OTP (One Time Password) technology.
Condition of use:
Customers must have:
  • An E-Partner ATM card account or current account maintained with VietinBank,
  • A computer or mobile phone accessible to the Internet.
  • A completed VietinBankiPay Application Form.
  • A valid ID card or Passport.

User Guide: Download file

Contact: Contact Center

Tel: 1900 55 88 68

Email: contact@vietinbank.vn