For Importing Corporates

Outward remittance

VietinBank makes convenient, fast and secured remittance services to anywhere in the world at low costs.

Import payables collection

VietinBank plays the role of the immediaries to collect receivable for importers based on B/E and/ or documentations received once the exporters deliver or provide services to the importers.

Letter of credit (L/C)

VietinBank issues L/C and commits to pay / accept payments for partners of importing Corporates.


With high credibility and long-term experience, VietinBank provides various guarantee products according to International standards, meeting the diverse need of Corporates.

Single/Bilateral import factoring

VietinBank provides guarantee limits for the import financial risk for customers who are exporting agencies to insure for receivables from goods selling.

Import financing

VietinBank will arrange with the financing banks to pay the Corporate Customers immediately upon the relevant documents are available.