Letter of credit (L/C) service

Upon request of the Corporates (the importer/buyer), VietinBank issues import L/C, commits not to withdraw the contract and will pay for the beneficiaries (the exporter/seller) upon their presentation of documents meeting the terms and conditions of the L/C. The import L/C services of VietinBank include:

  • Issuance of import L/C;
  • Amendment of import L/C;
  • Shipping guarantee issuance under L/C/Authorization to take the delivery under L/C/Bill of Lading endorsement before shipping documents are presented to VietinBank;
  • Advising, checking and refusing (if applicable) the documents presented under L/C;
  • Import L/C settlement and acceptance;
  • Import L/C cancellation.

Product benefits

  • Payment ability from Exporters is guaranteed by VietinBank;
  • Access to import financing;
  • Assurance that L/C transactions being handled directly, quickly and through the least number of intermediary banks;
  • With L/Cs issued by credible bank such as VietinBank, the documents of exporters/sellers will easily receive confirmation or discounts by many banks;
  • Access to bank expert consultation on contracts, complicated projects and solving commercial disputes.