Flexible investment term deposit

This is a term deposit product for Corporate or Organization Customers (who are Eligible for this product). Customers can predetermine an interest rate with VietinBank and select tenures for the deposit based on a date that suits their cash flows, to maximize the profits from idle funds.

Product features

  • Currencies: VND and USD;
  • Minimum tenure: 7 days;
  • Maximum tenure: 280 days.

Product benefits

  • Maximum flexibility in the tenures of deposit;
  • Negotiable interest rates;
  • Using as a collateral asset for loans or credit applications at VietinBank;
  • Using one single deposit account that allows Corporates to withdraw cash at different times as needed;
  • High profitability for idle funds with attractive interest rates;
  • Ability to withdraw partially or fully the deposited amount prior to maturity;
  • Simple, fast and convenient procedures.