Domestic seller/buyer single/bilateral factoring

VietinBank provides the payment factoring for domestic Corporates who need to manage, collect receivables, receive advance and payment guarantee for deferred receivables less than 180 days.


Currently, VietinBank offers 2 types of domestic seller/buyer single factoring:

  • Domestic seller/buyer single factoring with buyers' financial risk guarantee;
  • Domestic seller/buyer single factoring without buyers' financial risk guarantee.

Product benefits

For buyers:

  • Convenience in buying goods with deferred payment terms.

For sellers:

  • Receiving advances from VietinBank right after delivery rather than at payment date;
  • Increase in the sellers’ competitiveness with the capacity to meet the deferred payment needs of buyers;
  • Time saving on tracking and management of receivables, which will be transferred to bank experts and Customers can focus on production and business activities;
  • Eliminated/ reduced risk of non-payment from buyers.