Receivables management

With a wide network system, VietinBank’s receivables management products help collecting your Corporate cash flows to a VietinBank account fast, conveniently and most accurately.

Product benefits:

  • Minimized time and cost in receivables management;
  • Minimized risks in cash transactions;
  • Fast and convenient collection of payments for goods and services;
  • Effective fund management and use.

Multi-channel receivables

For Corporate customers that needs to collect/ deposit money into a VietinBank account. VietinBank offers multi channels of receivables collection via:
- Cash collection over the counter
- Collection via Internet Banking
- Collection at ATMs
- Collection at POS

Collection at designated locations

For Corporate customers who need cash collection at any locations designated by their customers. This service helps Corporates to save time, cost and to minimize counterfeit money risks and errors in counting.