Loans for UPAS L/C settlement

VietinBank pays the beneficiary when receiving documents in conformity with terms and conditions of the L/C or when the exporter accepts to pay the discrepant documents. The business is allowed to apply deferred payment method on the due date of bill of exchange.


Features of product

  • Apply for transactions paid using document credit;
  • Apply for L/C paid in USD, Payment can be deferred up to 180 days;
  • Interest rate is fixed for whole loan term.

Benefits for businesses

  • Be provided with a credit line with competitive interest rates for foreign currency on the basis of preferential mobilization of foreign banks for VietinBank;
  • Decrease the pressure of foreign currency for enterprises without foreign currency revenue;
  • Can buy goods under deferred payment method but meets the request of payment at sight from exporters;
  • Improve liquidity and cash flow without pressure from exporters’ payments request.