News 10/13/2021 05:30


The Board of Directors (BoD) of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank) would like to cordially announce and invite all shareholders of VietinBank to attend the 2021 Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (2021 EGM) with the following details:

1. Estimated time: From 7:30 a.m on Wednesday, 03rd November, 2021

2. Meeting format: Online

3. Expected operating venue: The Conference Hall of VietinBank Training and Human Resource Development School, An Trai Village, Van Canh Commune, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi, Vietnam.


  • In order to implement Covid-19 prevention policy of the competent State agencies, VietinBank does not invite shareholders to attend the 2021 EGM at the above venue. Shareholders are welcome to attend and vote, elect via online method.
  • Due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, in case of any change on 2021 EGM’s schedule following the request of competent State agencies, VietinBank will notify shareholders of the information on time, location, and meeting format on VietinBank Investor Relations website, Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange website and made public on mass media. Shareholders are suggested to closely monitor and update information on VietinBank Investor Relations website at http://investor.vietinbank.vn -> "Events" -> "General Meeting of Shareholders" -> "2021" -> "2021 EGM", Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange website and mass media.

4. Participants:  All shareholders owning shares of VietinBank that are included in the List of Shareholders as of 04th October, 2021.

5. Meeting agenda:

  • Proposal on the listing of VietinBank's public offering bonds on the securities trading system;
  • Election of members of the Board of Directors of VietinBank for the term 2019-2024;
  • Other contents as prescribed by law and the Charter of VietinBank (if any).

6. Meeting materials:

Invitation letter is couriered to shareholders by a guaranteed method at shareholders’ registered addresses. Sample Power of Attorney, Confirmation Letter, tentative Meeting Agenda are posted on VietinBank Investor Relations website “http://investor.vietinbank.vn” -> “Events” -> “Shareholder General Meetings” -> “2021”  -> “2021 EGM” section. At the same time, shareholders might access the website to receive Meeting documents from 13th October 2021.

7. Participation confirmation/Power of Attorney

For the Meeting to be attentively held, please confirm online attendance/ attendance via authorization no later than 28th October, 2021 by sending the original hard copy of Confirmation letter/ mail to Secretariat Office to the BoD and Investor Relations, Office of the BoD, VietinBank, 108 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. Shareholders can send a photo/scan in advance to the email address: investor@vietinbank.vn and send the original hard copy via post mail later.

8. System login instruction to attend, vote and elect at the online EGM:  

Shareholders are suggested to closely monitor and update instruction on logging in the system for online EGM attendance, voting, election on VietinBank Investor Relations website at http://investor.vietinbank.vn -> "Events" -> "General Meeting of Shareholders" -> "2021" -> "2021 EGM” from 13th October 2021.

This announcement may replace the Invitation Letter in case shareholders have not received the Invitation Letter.

For all information related to the EGM 2021, please contact the Organizing Committee through the following contact: Tel: +84.24.39413622 or email: investor@vietinbank.vn.