News 7/08/2019 02:07

VietinBank, MUFG Bank and the Ministry of Planning and Investment co-organized the Dialogue between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Japanese leading corporates

TOKYO, July 1 - VietinBank and MUFG Bank had coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam to organize the Dialogue between Prime Minister of Vietnam Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Japan's leading corporations.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke at the Dialogue.

Accompanying Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in his visit to Japan to attend the G20 Summit and other events, VietinBank’ s Chairman of the Board of Directors Le Duc Tho has participated in various key activities, one of them is the Dialogue between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and major Japanese corporations on July 1. Participants in this Dialogue include high-profile officials from the Vietnamese government and executives from VietinBank and MUFG Bank.

This is the 5th time that VietinBank and its strategic partner MUFG Bank have had the honor to organize this dialogue of paramount importance. This year's topic focused on 3 themes: (i) Development of supporting industries; (ii) Development of infrastructure for transport and distribution of goods; and (iii) Promoting equitization of state-owned enterprises (SOE).

At the Dialogue, Japanese corporations had the opportunity to elaborate their ideas and suggestions regarding the mechanisms and policies in Vietnam to promote trading and investment attraction. The Dialogue was organized in a friendly and constructive manner, where the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers addressed the questions and recommendations of Japanese companies directly and frankly. This shows Vietnamese Government's enthusiastic concerns and for promoting economic ties and trading activities between Japan and Vietnam.

Speaking at the Dialogue, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized: “The Vietnamese Government always strives to maintain stability in macro-economy, politics and society; legal institutions are becoming more and more transparent, in line with international practices and commitments in order to create a favorable environment for businesses to safely and sustainably operate in the long term." He also stated: "In our vision, Japan will continue to be the most important strategic partner of Vietnam in terms of investment cooperation. The Vietnamese Government encourages all major Japanese corporations to pour high-quality FDI in Vietnam with investment projects that are friendly to the environment, applies state-of-the-art technology with sustainable energy consumption or using renewable energy or cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises in the value chain, bringing Vietnamese goods to regional and global distribution channels".

2019 marks the 5th year of Vietnam-Japan Strategic Cooperation's elevation to in-depth partnership for the peace and prosperity of Asia. This has brought many achievements across various fields. In that context, the strategic and comprehensive cooperation between VietinBank - the leading bank in Vietnam and MUFG Bank - the largest bank in Japan has entered a new era, with more and more comprehensive and intensive cooperation activities. The two banks have successfully carried out many activities to connect and promote business for the business community of the two countries, demonstrating an important bridging role for the development of economic, commercial and investment activities in Vietnam and Japan.

Chairman of the BOD of VietinBank Le Duc Tho spoke at the Dialogue.

At the Dialogue, Chairman of VietinBank Le Duc Tho expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and top officials from relevant ministries for taking time to listen to Japanese corporations and paying close attention to the cooperation of Vietnam-Japan business community. He also affirmed that, with MUFG Bank's global experience and VietinBank’ s large customer base an extensive network, the two banks will continue to support businesses in general and Japanese enterprises in particular with regards to banking and financial services in Vietnam. VietinBank and MUFG will continue to bridge Japanese companies and their suitable Vietnamese partners for successful development of business in Vietnamese market.

Overview of the Dialogue

Immediately after the Dialogue, Chairman Le Duc Tho attended the Vietnam Investment Promotion Conference chaired by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with JETRO. This is a large-scale conference attended by representatives of about 1,200 businesses and investors of Vietnam and Japan. This year's topic focuses on "Promoting Vietnam-Japan cooperation for prosperity and mutual trust". VietinBank and MUFG Bank participated as the sponsors of this Conference.

VietinBank and MUFG Bank – its strategic partner, participating in the promotion of economic, commercial and investment partnership between Vietnam and Japan

During his Japan visit, Chairman Le Duc Tho had a meeting and worked with MUFG Bank's CEO and President Kanetsugu Mike and Senior Managing Corporate Executive of Global Commercial Banking Business Group Takayoshi Futae to further strengthen the relationship cooperation system between two banks. At the meeting, Mr. Mike expressed thanked Chairman Le Duc Tho and VietinBank’ s Board of Directors for co-organizing the 5th Prime Minister Dialogue and Investment Promotion Conference with MUFG Bank. The two banks have made great efforts in preparing these two events to meet the expectations of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and other ministries as well as Japanese major corporations.

VietinBank’s Chairman participated in the meeting session between Prime Minister of Vietnam and MUFG Bank’s President and CEO and before the Dialogue

Chairman Le Duc Tho highly appreciated the fruitful cooperation of the two banks and agreed with Mr. Mike about how the two banks will work more intensely with other ministries in putting the deliveries of the Dialogue into practice, as well as provide more support to and encourage Japanese companies to expand investments and businesses in Vietnam. Mr. Mike and Mr. Tho have agreed on the coming up cooperation agenda in order to promote the strengths of leading banks from two countries. Chairman Le Duc Tho believed that the cooperation between the two banks in the coming period would continue to be more practical and successful.

Executives from VietinBank and MUFG Bank taking a memorial photo after the Dialogue.