News 11/02/2018 11:18

General Director of VietinBank attended the Dialogue with Vietnam PMs and Japanese financial corporations including MUFG Bank

By accompanying the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to Japan to attend the 10th Mekong-Japan Summit in early October 2018, General Director Le Duc Tho was able to participate in many important activities, one of which was the Dialogue between the Prime Minister of Vietnam and leading Japanese corporations. The Dialogue was led by VietinBank and MUFG Bank, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

General Director of VietinBank - Mr. Le Duc Tho participated in the Dialogue between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, representatives from Vietnamese ministries and senior managers of leading Vietnamese corporations and Japanese leading corporations. (photo: QH)

PM’s Dialogue Session with Japanese Corporations 

General Director Le Duc Tho attended the Dialogue session between Prime Minister of Vietnam and major Japanese financial corporates including MUFG Bank. The Dialogue was very meaningful for financial corporations, as they were able to propose their ideas and listen to Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc explain about the country’s policies and plans to promote business integration and encourage foreign  investment.

At the Dialogue, the Prime Minister suggested that Japanese corporations should become strategic partners in Vietnam’s efforts in  restructuring state-owned enterprises. He encouraged them to help the country establish companies that are globally competitive and utilise their technological expertise in developmental projects in areas from transport infrastructure to renewable energy.

He also hoped that support can be provided to help the Vietnamese financial sector to innovate and modernize their service offerings.

General Director Le Duc Tho attended the meeting between Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and President & CEO of MUFG Bank Kanetsugu Mike.

Visit to MUFG Bank

During his visit in Japan, General Director Le Duc Tho also paid a working visit to MUFG Bank's senior managers and met Mr. Kanetsugu Mike - President & CEO of MUFG Bank and Mr. Eiichi Yoshikawa – Deputy  President and Group Head of  Global Commercial Banking Division.

Mr. Mike and Mr. Yoshikawa congratulated General Director Le Duc Tho for VietinBank’s 30th anniversary and commended  VietinBank for its effort and contributions during the five years of strategic cooperation with MUFG Bank. In addition, Mr. Mike expressed his deep appreciation for the  three successful dialogue sessions between the Prime Minister of Vietnam and Japanese corporations, which were jointly organised by VietinBank, MUFG Bank and Ministry of Planning and Investment. He hoped these sessions will continue to build on the success of previous ones in 2013, 2015 and 2017, further elevating the VietinBank - MUFG Bank relationship.

The strong economic growth of Vietnam in recent years, whilst a tremendous opportunity, has shone a spotlight on the country’s financial services industry and how well-equipped it is to support such growth.

Mr. Tho and Mr. Mike shared their thoughts about the current market situation, the country’s policy reforms and initiatives to promote a favourable business environment as well as other topics such as the  Basel II roadmap and the latest trends in the financial services sector in Vietnam.

Mr. Mike hopes that in this new phase of cooperation between the two banks, VietinBank will initiate and propose more initiatives for collaboration, and that MUFG Bank stands ready to offer its full cooperation and support to ensure that such exchanges will be fruitful for the parties involved

General Director of VietinBank, Mr. Le Duc Tho with Mr. Kanetsugu Mike, President & CEO of MUFG Bank

Mr. Tho also congratulated Mr. Yoshikawa on being appointed to his new role in July, where he is now  in charge of  the relationships between MUFG Bank and its strategic partner banks. Mr. Tho said that he looked forward to  receiving further support from Mr. Yoshikawa, and with his cooperation, Mr. Tho strongly believed that the partnership between the two banks will continue to prosper.

General Director Le Duc Tho affirmed that VietinBank, as the leading bank in Vietnam, will further promote strategic cooperation with MUFG Bank,  Japan's largest bank. Together, both banks will continue to excel in bridging the Japanese and Vietnamese business communities and bring about greater levels of economic, trade and investment cooperation between the two countries.

Mr. Le Duc Tho, General Director of VietinBank with Deputy  President and Global Head  of Global Commercial Banking Division of MUFG Bank, Mr. Eiichi Yoshikawa.