Textile Date 3/15/2018 12:57

German producer of measurement and testing system is looking for partners (Ref: DE0012)

General information: Founded in 1920, the company became one of the leading producers of measurement and testing systems in the world. The expert team consisting of engineers, high skilled technicians and business administrators is up to date regarding modern technologies and know-how.


  • Products include: material testing (e.g. tribometers for examining and simulating friction and abrasion, surface testing used to test the friction behavior of 2 materials, fire testing, heat resistance testing), metrology (e.g. soil testing, force measuring), special products and other testing devices (e.g. devices testing the solderability of metals and resistance against discrete impact energy, devices simulating abrasive usage and ageing of clothes). Most products and devices comply with various norms, standards (e.g. DIN, EN, ISO, UL and ASTM) and directives.
  • Services include: creating projects and realizing complete testing laboratories, executing efficient testing procedures, creating concrete standards.

Customers/Partners: Currently main export markets are Asia accounting for 25% and Europe accounting for 30% of total sales. Other export markets are Middle East, North America, South America and North Africa. End customers and distributing partners within the textile industry interested in buying and distributing devices for measuring the inflammability of clothes and other textile products.

Demand: The company is looking for end customers and distributing partners on a commission basis mainly within the textile industry in Vietnam. Optimal distributing partners should have a widespread sales network in Southeast Asia.

For detailed information, Please kindly contact Overseas Branches Management Team – Financial Institutions Dept – VietinBank HQ.

Tel:  (+84) 439421030 – Ext 25832/ 25835 / 25836 .  Email: obm.g@vietinbank.vn