Services Date 11/17/2017 11:06

Looking for Vietnamese business partner to establish sea container handling. (REF: DE0008)

  • General Information: a family-owned business established 35 years ago with yearly revenues of EUR 6m, net profit of TEUR 200. The company has specialized in handling, maintenance and repair of sea containers in a major sea port + packing of steel products into sea containers
  • Products/ Services: (i) Handling, technical supervision, repair, maintenance and cleaning of sea containers and (ii) packing and shipping of steel products in sea containers.
  • Customers/ Partners: Major logistics companies, steel producers.
  • Demand: Looking for harbor location in Vietnam and local partners, in order to perform the activity of the company in Vietnam. All forms of cooperation are considered, consultancy services, joint ventures and participation on various percentage levels.

For detailed information, Please kindly contact Overseas Branches Management Team – Financial Institutions Dept – VietinBank HQ.

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