Textile Date 11/17/2017 05:59

Looking for Vietnamese business partners to produce integrated solar products (REF: DE0009)

  • General Information: Established in Quarter I/2016, producing and marketing special autarkic solar systems in the small and medium power range worldwide. Products use new material combinations as well as superior technical designs (such as natural textiles, wood, bamboo, natural cork or bio-plastics etc). The products significantly help to reduce the big problem of plastic waste in developing countries. Target countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Morocco and Ghana
  • Products/ Services: Integrated solar products from solar charger for mobile phone, radio, LED lamp etc. to solar in-house equipment.
  • Customers/ Partners: (i) Poor population classes, (ii) standalone tourists and (iii) high-end customers.
  • Demand: The Company is looking for joint venture partners in Vietnam. Optimal partners should be in textile industry, which have widespread sales network to neighboring countries.

For detailed information, Please kindly contact Overseas Branches Management Team – Financial Institutions Dept – VietinBank HQ.

Tel:  (+84) 2439421030 – Ext 25832/ 25835 / 25836

Email: obm.g@vietinbank.vn