Development Orientation

2018 Targets

In 2018, VietinBank will focus resources to promote intensive business growth and continue to shift its business structure towards selective and efficient growth. We will strongly improve the quality of services, develop modern products and services, and raise service fee income and non-interest income to improve our income structure. We will dedicate our best efforts to effectively delivering the restructuring plan for 2016 – 2020 period. We will constantly standardize all aspects of VietinBank’s operation including the improvement of risk management capacity, infrastructure development and the modernization of information technology according to international standards and practices, solidifying VietinBank’s top position in the market.

Medium and Long - term Development Strategy

VietinBank’s medium and long-term strategic goal is to become a large financial group with the best operational efficiency in the banking system in Vietnam by 2020. We have identified a number of areas of strategic focus for the next period which include continuing selective, efficient and sustainable business growth, strongly shifting the customer composition, continuing automation of services with high utility, strongly improving quality of services, promoting the development of non-credit services, particularly payment services on modern technology platforms. We will aim to raise our financial capacity, and improve the operational efficiency of the bank, subsidiaries and associated companies. We will also plan to boost the labour productivity and effective cost governance.

Sustainable development objectives

As a leading commercial bank in the country, apart from focusing on performance improvement and profit enhancement from banking business, VietinBank will continue to share with the community, the Party and the Government in improving the social environment and sustainable eradication of poverty. In addition to this, VietinBank will raise its financial, human and technology capacities to achieve the sustainable development objectives of the bank as well as the society. In 2018, we will strive to live up to our corporate social responsibility, and deliver social security projects and works which strongly reflect the true expression of our philosophy “Improving the value of life”.